Khora International SA

Khora International SA is a Swiss Fiduciary Company member of the Self-Regulatory Body of Canton Ticino Trustees. We are born in Lugano, with ten years of experience and team working, giving advice and consultancy to clients, companies and entrepreneurs. Our goal is combining our knowledge with the relations created during the years, in order to assist our companies in their path of developing and internationalizing their business. Business strategy and consultancy to create values and win challenges.Our element of success is our knowledge, our value is reliability.

We start form here to keep on growing,
with our competence, flexibility and customization of the services.

Why Khora?

“The Demiurge,

the creator and father of the universe”

In origin, only the Khora and the Ideas existed. The Khora is the original matter, shapeless and constantly evolving.

A Greek god, called The Demiurge, for the love of good gave stability to the Khora, imitating the perfect and unchanging ideas and creating all the sensible things. So the Earth was born. For this reason all the the sensible things are copies of the Ideas: so, they have a certain stability and duration and a certain shape and beauty. The Demiurge gives the ideal model to an existing matter in constant becoming.