Margherita Brovelli.

Margherita Brovelli graduated with full marks in Economics and Business at University degli Studi dell’Insubria, gaining a Master’s degree in Web & Business with international address, graded 100 cum laude. Later she moved to London. He returned to Italy and she started collaborating with the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, with particular reference to strategy and business economics. Meanwhile, she started her job experience in Lugano, working as a consultant for natural and legal people. She obtained her license as a Fiduciary Accountant in Ticino, becoming a partner and general manager of a Fiduciary company in Lugano which operated at a Swiss and international level, supporting businesses and corporate groups in their growth at a strategic, managerial and fiscal level. She founded and managed a company in Dubai with the aim of developing the Emirates market and became director, as well as partner, of a Swiss company working in the IT sector. Her path allowed her to develop the ability to analyze different scenarios, being able to offer consultancy services for the growth and internationalization of businesses and professionals. She is naturally predisposed to problem solving.

The team.

The enthusiasm and the synergy of a team that has been working together for years are the elements of Khora’s success. The development of knowledge and skills. In this ever-changing world, what is the form of a team building? The keys of our success are professionalism and skills associated with trust: not just competitiveness but cooperation too. Ethics becomes a selection tool. Here comes our decision to combine fiscal, legal and accounting resources with administrative and management resources: multiplying efficiency. Strengthening partnerships.

Tatiana Canè.

Tatiana Cané is one of Khora’s pillars and she has been collaborating with her CEO for over a decade. After graduating, Tatiana began her professional activity in Milan, in a prestigious commission company on the stock exchange, as an assistant stockbroker at Piazza Affari. Following a period in the luxury cosmetics sector, as purchasing and logistics manager, she returned to the financial sector in Lugano as a customer assistant, managing relationships with the various counterparts. Finally, Tatiana reached the fiduciary sector, specializing in the establishment and management of Swiss and international companies operating in the trading and consultancy sector. Dynamic and multitasking by nature, today she holds the role of Senior Office Manager responsible for coordinating the office, supporting management and managing communication. She follows and manages internal companies and customers, as well as managing OAD mandates. Passionate reader, music and modern art lover, she cultivates a passion for trekking and travel.

Andrea Gatti.

After obtaining his high school diploma, Andrea Gatti, graduated in Linguistic Sciences at IULM University in Milan. He started working in London in the tourism sector and later in the airport sector, dealing with customer service and logistics. Subsequently, he joined his family business, active in the interior design field. Thanks to his training and knowledge of foreign languages and speaking fluent English, Spanish and German, in Khora, Andrea, deals with the management of Italian and international customers, logistics and business organizations. At the same time, he is working as a teacher and assistant at the Catholic University of Milan. He collaborates on a permanent basis with a Swiss group operating in the real estate brokerage sector, mainly dealing with international clients.

Nicola Vincenti.

Nicola Vincenti graduated in Economics and Commerce at the University of Lecce and, having passed the qualifying exam to practice the profession of Accounting Expert, he started his own business as an accountant. Having moved with his family to the German-speaking Switzerland, improving his knowledge of the language, he became an accountant in an important company active in the fiduciary sector, acquiring an in-depth knowledge of Swiss accounting and tax legislation and collaborating with important fiduciary companies and law firms. In Khora he holds the position of Senior Accountant for group companies and client companies. He also follows the relationships with Swiss local authorities, managing tax representatives, preparing VAT returns and managing staff. In his free time he dedicates himself to painting and studying, being enrolled at the University of Lecce to obtain a second degree in law.

Angela Iacomino.

Angela Iacomino was born in the German-speaking Switzerland and began her administrative and accounting activity at a well-known multinational in Switzerland. She attended the High School of Business Economics (SSEA), becoming an accounting manager and human resources assistant in an important local authority. Today Angela is attending the specialist school in finance and accounting to learn more about the different Swiss regulatory and tax aspects. Thanks to her training and knowledge of national languages, in Khora she takes on a flexible role in the management of incorporated companies resident in the various Cantons, offering accounting consultancy and assistance in personnel management. Passionate about natural medicine, she is an expert in medicinal plants and herbal medicine.